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Keep the Bay Beautiful is a non profit Organization that advocates proper electronic waste and other household hazardous waste recycling. We do so by regular collections and spreading awareness about its impacts. Our goal is to expand awareness into different nations and create a sustainable environment for everyone in an efficient, accessible


In the past year, we have collected nearly 30,000 pounds of electronic waste. We then recycle thou waste at certified recycling centers. Our collection sites range from city libraries to local parks and neighborhoods. 

Electronic waste encompasses no unused electronics thrown in landfills. Unfortunately, there are many toxic chemicals inhabiting the waste, and when they enter the ecosystem, animals and plants are heavily devastated. In addition, e-waste in landfills is regularly shipped to 3rd - world countries, where many individuals are in contact with them. In effect, there are costly illnesses and as far as mortality.

Anyone can contribute our cause in just a matter of seconds. You too can properly recycle electronic and household waste by donating it to recycling centers, or you can promote proper recycling among friends and family. For the COVID-19 pandemic, you can make a difference as well. Contact our Facebook or email platforms to provide working electronic devices to the elderly and those in need.

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